LLMCD Labs is the work of Lacy McDowell. I experiment with digital technologies, then share it with the world. Check out some of the projects I have completed and some I am working on. The products and services I offer provide solutions to home users and businesses.

MPEG Media Decode

A brief summary on decoding MPEG 2 and 4 media on Raspberry Pi devices.

Digital Content Creation

A dynamic web service built with PHP to create and update XML feeds for Roku streaming media players.

Content Management Application

A protoype for storing video urls into a database and viewing content in web browser.

Roku Channel Development

Live and video on demand channels for music, internet radio, photo sharing, social applications on public and private cloud platforms.

Learn About Roku

A little background knowledge on Roku players and how they work.

Development Resources

Here are a few resources to help you create channels.


Courses and Publications

Here are a few resources to help you gain more technical knowledge.

Bootstrap Broadcast

A simple e-book for on demand media with Roku channels.

Your First Roku Channel

A quick starter guide for beginners.

Creating Roku Channels

A simple and easy video tutorial on Roku channel creation.

Deconstructing Roku Channels

Online course to understand how Roku channels are made.


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